• Zoku brings innovation and
    creative design into the home,
    beginning with its collection of
    Quick Pop™ Makers and accessories.
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  • Slow-Pops Classic Pop Molds

    Zoku is a collective of creative individuals dedicated to providing unique products for the home. Its inaugural product is the Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker which freezes pops in as little as seven minutes right on the kitchen countertop.
    A wide range of accessories creates a chilled treat with flavour combinations as unlimited as the imagination. Striped pops, flavoured core pops, and pops with fruit, candy and nuts are all possible.

  • Slush and Shake Recipe Book

    Through intelligent engineering and design,
    Zoku has created a unique product set that has
    received multiple U.S. and international design
    awards for its originality and innovation. Zoku
    products are design-forward and unique making
    them appropriate for kitchen, toy, craft, gift and
    museum shops.

    This brand is distributed within Canada only